October Fair Trade Friday item #1

This Joyn crossbody bag is small and just the right size to carry what you truly need. Trendy but won’t go out of style and with the adjustable strap you can let it hang exactly where you like it. (Traveler, your passport fits perfectly inside!) Help support these women at Joyn.




October’s Fair Trade Friday item #2

We dare you to take our beatitude challenge!

Wear and share the beatitude message on your bracelet for the next 30 days.

Your bracelet is made from Acai berries from Ecuador that were processed by human trafficking survivors with a brass charm which was hand stamped in Mexico. Help keep these families together and learn more at Fashion & Compassion

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“I wish people could see the amount of work and dedication that goes into creating each piece. I think they would value it more. It’s hard not to when you know another person invested their whole heart into it.” Tanya, artisan from Mexico.


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