November Fair Trade Friday

Item #1
Custom Gratitude Tea Towels by Daughters of Hope Glory in India. We love the custom tea towel they created for our Fair Trade Friday members to enjoy this Thanksgiving season! We hope you love them just as much as we do! Buy your very own Gratitude Towel here!


Item #2

Brilliant Unity Necklace by Have Hope in Kenya (in two colors: white & black). Are now available to purchase individually in our store.

A thank you from the artisan group: “First and foremost, we thank God for opening this great opportunity for us. We have truly been moved from nothing to something. Most of us were housewives entirely dependent on our unemployed husbands surviving on nothing with our children. Jewelry has provided employment to us and we have become independent and we are now able to take care of our families. Additionally, we have really grown spiritually because we do the jewelry as a group and have a chance to fellowship together. Our husbands and other people now respect and treat us well as people who can make a difference in our families and the society as a whole. Our self-confidence has been enhanced. We appreciate Fair Trade Friday for believing in us and making us busy and we promise to work hard to better our lives and of those who depend on us.” -Have Hope, Kenya

Item #3 & 4

$25 gift card from our friends at Krochet Kids. Krochet Kids empowers women in Northern Peru & Uganda by providing them with a job, education & mentorship. Learn more about how they’re changing the world at

The Global Advent Calendar comes with 25 numbered “cards” you can cut out. During December, every day will feature a country and what to pray for. What better way to remind your kids to think about others this holiday season?
A great idea is to use all those little cotton bags your small items come in that serve multiple purposes–mostly they create jobs in 3 countries. These are available in our store for $5 each

You can also buy one of the few November boxes that are left on our online store!