Three years. Thousands of boxes. Countless jobs provided. Lives changed.

We are changing the world and looking cute doing it!

It’s the unlikely story of how God is connecting women around the globe to help each other. We are so grateful you are a part of this story.

August FTF item #1: Your gorgeous pillow is a true global item, touched by the hands of talented and faithful women in India, Ethiopia, and the US. This custom item is 18 months in the making, and we are so excited to finally put it in your hands!

**The Pillow Cover: Sixteen. This is the number of survivors that were steadily employed because of your Fair Trade Friday membership. The pillow cover was hand embroidered by Ruhamah Designs in Kolkata, India, a group whose mission is to provide viable employment for survivors of human trafficking. 

They were having a difficult time finding a market for their hand embroidered items, which was all embroidered jewelry. This pillow cover was their first custom order, and it has not only brought steady employment to the artisans, it has also opened up a whole new avenue of design and business– this FTF order was a game changer and a huge blessing to RD!

**The Tassels: Our dear friends at Caring For Korah in Ethiopia made 8,000 (yes, you read it right!) of these fun detachable tassels for our custom “Go” pillow covers. The tassels were then attached to the pillows by our amazing volunteers here in Magnolia, TX!

Want to purchase another “Go” pillow cover? Get it here:…/world-pillow-cover-with…

Item #2 Leather Adjustable “I’m a World Changer” Double Cuff Bracelet from Haiti Design Co-Op. “Little by little our small workshop has grown and evolved into a training and production center employing over 150 people within our workshop and HDC partner branches. Over the years, HDC has collaborated with many talented designers that have come to Haiti and led workshops to train teams in new and better production techniques. These collaborations have been the foundations for many of the teams we are able to employ today.” Get yours here today.